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Mutual Funds
The wide-eyed child putting his precious coins in a piggy bank is not very different from the grown-up, prudent investor investing his money. Both are saving for a rainy day, a future emergency - be it an urgent craving for candies or a sudden need of funds in the family.

In the context who could be a better guide for you other than your SSAT Wealth Advisor to take stock of your present and plan for your future? At SSAT, we offer a variety of schemes to invest based on individual risk return appetite.

An investor is guided to choose a scheme that best serves their financial objectives and their investment needs by balancing the ratio of Equity to Debt so as to help the investor to negotiate the rapid market movements.

Our strength lies in our ability to develop innovative tailor made advisory as per requirement of customer enabling them to earn efficient post tax return in accordance with their specific risk, return and maturity profiles.

Brief descriptions of the services that we offer to our clients are mentioned here under:
  • Need based advisory by dedicated advisors to help you build an innovative portfolio.
  • Monthly review of portfolios together with analysis of various funds.
  • Knowledge sharing through educational seminars and workshops.

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